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Self Drive Minibus Hire

There are many reasons why people prefer to travel in groups instead of going solo. It could be because they want to do some team-building activities. Maybe they simply want to strengthen their bonds and grow closer together. Another reason would be the cost savings because having more people would mean there would be more to split the costs with. That is why cheap minibus hire services are popular. However, that should not be the only consideration one should have when deciding which company to make arrangements with. You should look for the cheapest rates but you should also make sure that you would still be given quality service.

That is something that Minibus Hire Telford brings to the table. Quality is always first and foremost in all our services, including the self drive minibus hire service. Just because you wouldn't be supplied with any of our drivers does not mean you would be served with less of our brand of service. Our requirement is simple: your personal choice of a driver among your group should prove that he is qualified and competent enough to drive the minibus through the streets of Telford.

Minibus Hire Telford offers the lowest prices among all the companies in Telford who are in the same business. The reasoning behind this is simple: since we incur lesser costs of service, we can also charge lower prices. Under other circumstances, we would have to increase our rates if we actually spend more on repairing substandard engines and vehicles. Having our minibuses break down would entail major repairs and overhauls, and these cost a lot of money. Since our workshop works very hard in keeping our minibuses in great shape and in top operating condition, you would be saved from having to pay for expensive self drive minibus hire services.

We want our customers to feel proud whenever they take the wheel of a Minibus Hire Telford minibus. Modern and up to date, these minibuses are products of reliable manufacturers, including every auto accessory they are fitted with. The seats are very comfortable, with their leather upholstery and reclining feature. Even the modifications that we managed to incorporate into each vehicle are of high quality, from the sliding doors on the roofs, the drink coolers, and the entertainment system that will definitely have you singing and jamming along.

Privacy and confidentiality are probably the most important advantages of hiring a self drive minibus. There are some people who simply do not feel comfortable entrusting their lives to a driver that they have never met before in their lives. We understand that. We also understand that there are people who, although they do not have a problem with a stranger driving for them, prefer that their trip be solely about them as a group or as a family, with no outsider in tow. Businessmen often go to Telford for some business dealings and they would normally discuss their interests during their ride from one place to another. If there are sensitive topics to be discussed, they would not want an extra ear to be listening in. Minibus Hire Telford understands all these circumstances, which is why we offer our self drive minibus hire service.

Aside from transport solutions, you can also rely on Minibus Hire Telford to help you out in other aspects of your trip. We have valuable connections with other hospitality service providers so if you need suggestions about accommodations, lodgings and other facilities, just let us know. We won't be charging you anything for our advice, so there's no reason why you shouldn't ask for it.

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