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Minibus Hire Telford and Coach Hire

We at Minibus Hire Telford are fully cognizant of the pressing need of many travellers, especially those who travel in groups, for a mode of transport that will bring them around Telford at their whim. They have their own itinerary, they control their own timetable, and they do not want the hassle of having to fit their trip around the schedule of, say, the public transport system. Neither do they want to sacrifice that team spirit and bonding they are seeking to forge or solidify during the trip. Since you are travelling as a group, then that is how you should be throughout the whole trip.

You can see that we do not take anything for granted. Our minibuses are all procured from leading names in the automotive industry. This ensures that every Telford minibus that we release for hire has passed the strictest quality control and safety standards of these firms. Once they are in our possession, we install them with various modifications so each of our passengers will never regret signing up with us. We have modified to roof of our Telford minibus to slide open when the passengers feel a need to have a "mobile sightseeing experience". We value your health and well-being so we make sure that aside from keeping our minibuses clean and hygienic, we also have ready refreshments in our drink coolers so you won't run the risk of dehydration during the trip. A spectacular ride wouldn't be complete without good music; hence, the entertainment systems that we had installed in the minibuses.

The coach hire service providers in Telford offer their services with a wide range of prices. Minibus Hire Telford is at the lowest portion of that range. Offering the cheapest among the cheap minibus hire services in town has made us quite the favourite among our local and foreign visitors. But do not think that is the only reason why they prefer us over the others. Our drivers are known to be the most professional and most capable minibus drivers in all of Telford. The fact that they are friendly and are as well-informed and knowledgeable about the town as the most sought-after and highest paid tour guides is also a huge draw. Our customers know they are on to a great deal when they don't have to pay for a tour guide and a driver separately; our Minibus Hire Telford driver can stand in as your tour guide (and will actually do even better!).

The prestige attached to our name comes from years of hard work in churning out service that pushes all the right buttons among our customers who expect – and deserve – only the best. In fact, the mere mention of the phrase 'Telford minibus' brings to mind a minibus from the fleet of Minibus Hire Telford. Aside from a minibus, though, we also provide coach hire for those groups that are exceptionally large, such as an entire class or an entire department in a company or a corporation who chose Telford to be the site for their team-building activities.

Our variety of services, ranging from minibus hire with driver, self drive minibus hire, coach hire and even airport minibus hire, has easily catapulted us to the top of our field. Self drive minibus hire services have made sure that you get all the freedom and confidentiality that you could ever ask for in your trip, while minibus hire with a driver gives comfort and convenience. This is the reason why the service is recommended for foreign visitors who are not well conversant with all the routes that can get you to all the major attractions in the city. However, if you are entering the town through the airport, then you should definitely opt for our airport minibus hire service. This is because the service is specially made to ensure that you face the least number of troubles regarding your transport by taking care of every aspect of your group's transportation throughout the period that you'll be in Telford. Come to us and you are assured of getting the best services.

Indeed, many have been called but only a few were chosen. Among those few, only Minibus Hire Telford is guaranteed to give you what you need, when and where you need it, and at the most affordable rates. We take great pride in never failing any of our customers who came to us looking for help in making their Telford trip the trip to remember. Contact us for your chance to join this long list of happy and satisfied clients who have used our coach or minibus hire services in Telford.

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